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eaSt Ear Nets Performance - black

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  • Fly head guard for pony and horse
  • Colors: black
  • "Must Have" made of 100% cotton
  • To protect the horse from flies and noise
  • Suitable for saddle pad

The icing on the cake - fly ears for the horse

The ears of a horse are much more than a pure hearing organ. They are sentiment barometers, means of communication and ensure the right balance.

For the horse as an escape animal, they are an irreplaceable sense, in order to flee at the right moment from enemies and to locate possible danger.

Fly head protection: In order to protect the fine sensory organs and at the same time "confess color" and thus to give the rider-horse outfit the finishing touch, well-fitting, stylish fly ears are an absolute must have for the four-legged friend.

The eaSt fly ears not only protect against annoying insects, tickling hair and dampen the background noise, but still look really modern. In the beautiful elegant black they convince by good fit, without slipping and disturbing the horse. Matching the eaSt valances, a chic appearance on the riding arena, tournament or off-road is guaranteed.
Simply order online, sit down and ride off.

Available sizes for pony and warmblood here in our eaSt Shop.