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ea.St product philosophy

ea.St Performance Riding Wear based on the "ea.St System" means the compilation of holistic ea.St sport outfits, whereby each ea.St individual piece can be combined with each other, both technically and optically. Our ea.St outfits are developed to be used in any discipline in any season and in any weather condition with a maximum of cool design.

The starting point (Core Element) of every ea.St sport outfit are our revolutionary trousers, consisting of the lines R1 (riding leggings) or R2 (riding breeches). They are as flexible as possible combined with the ea.St Layer Principle (primarily outerwear) and other ea.St Accessories.

Every ea.St Product has at least the following properties in common:

  • Intensive research
  • Best technical fabrics
  • Long-lasting product tests
  • Maximum functionality
  • Cool & minimalistic design


Create your own ea.St Outfit following the sense of the ea.St System. This is how it works:

das ea.St System


The ea.St system - legend

Das ea.St System - Legende im Überblick