Classic riding breeches have undergone many fashion eras, various style elements and design disasters. The basic model remains the same and is characterized by a narrow cut (hold your breath when you put them on!),
by annoying zippers, by reinforced ankle cuffs and long seams. Until the appearance of the riding leggings of the brand ea.St riding wear on the market, riding pants were often uncomfortable and lacked style.

In the equestrian world ea.St riding wear is currently stirring and renewing the perception of fashion. Instead of relying on manufacturing uncomfortable standard riding pants ea.St produces with great success riding leggings
that are both cool and fashionable. With the REGGINGS®, "the world's most comfortable riding pants", a masterpiece has been created. This product follows the strong trend of simplicity meanwhile being both comfortable and chic.
As already observed in the case of jeans that were replaced by sports pants, old breeches must now give way to the new generation of riding leggings.

Three persuasive aspects of the multifunction sports leggings should be mentioned. Their superior comfort, the fact that they suit all occasions and all different activities and that they show, despite the first two aspects, that their wearer
has a taste in fashion. The clothes of ea.St riding stand for a look in the saddle that is both sporty and comfortable while also being chic. With a lot of sense for fashion and functionality this collection is slowly replacing the classic riding breeches.
Because now you have the choice: REGGINGS® instead of classic breeches, comfort instead of narrow and uncomfortable breeches, a fashionable look instead of an old and unfavourable look.

What convinces the riders...
Neither the current trends nor the new cool hipster looks will convince horse lovers to get rid of their old riding breeches. Not only the visual aspects must persuade the rider. Especially in practical terms the riding leggings must convince sceptics.
An optimal sensation counts and is essential for all types of saddles, such as dressage, jumping or leisure saddles.

REGGINGS® give you a 100% of that great and secure feeling!

The revolution of riding breeches by ea.St riding wear looks just like a pair of cool running pants. Yet the REGGINGS® have many more features. The high-quality stretch material follows each rider's movement in the saddle without losing its shape
and fit. The semi-high silicone grip offers a good adherence to the saddle and in the side pockets your phone can be stored safely away. Another special feature are the ankle cuffs. They are made of the same material as the rest of
the reggings® and guarantee a firm hold without pressure.
The reggings® winter collection impresses with its soft interior lining and an absolute breathability of its material. Their very high cut keeps the kidneys and back warm without restricting the freedom of movement in the saddle.






The riding leggings are the newborn stars in the saddle and they don’t want to disappear from the scene so quickly. But why should they? Because wearing hip leggings instead of an old and uncomfortable look is trendy. And that trend should just stay as it is.

In this sense: Wear a fashion statement - go east!