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Thanks to the great inspiring ea.St riding wear collection boring riding outfits, vile riding breeches or trivial functional clothing belong to the past. Around the central piece of the ea.St collection, the reggings® - the ultimate revolution in the saddle -, magical looks can be created. A delight not only for riders but also for fashion victims.

Clear cuts, sporty styles and innovative design determine every piece of the ea.St collection, which is why they can wonderfully be combined and styled. This way not just something is worn at the stable, but every rider can create an exciting, personal and comfortable look.

With the strong colors of the limited Candy Edition, colorful accents are set which can be wonderfully combined with the elegant and sporty "Seamless Shirt". This simple combination creates a distinctive look that gives the rider all the freedom needed in the saddle. On cooler days, the lightweight Active Vest completes this "must have" outfit.

Be inspired by the ea.St riders to combine your personal ea.St favourites as pleased and create new outfits, reaching from funky combinations up to elegant competition outfits. No limits are set to your fashion desires and ways with ea.St. Because, even if the horses are the center of attention, you don’t have to renounce to fashion highlights and cool outfits. And that applies to both, two- and four-legged, alike.

Be inspired - go ea.St!