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A veterinarian explains – The life-threatening heat stroke in horses!

Sweat breakout, sunstroke, heat stroke: Horses are much more sensitive to heat and high outside temperatur


New Hype: Riders rely on riding leggings

Riders rely on riding leggings


Breeches test: Uncomfortable hype or breeches revolution? Reggings®

“No uncomfortable buttons, no zip to get jammed, no annoying belt loops” - this is the claim made by the R


Trend alert for all riders: The new breathable winter edition of the riding leggings!

The new breathable winter edition of the riding leggings!


Why no other breeches are as flexible as these - the Reggings breeches hype!

No uncomfortable buttons, no zip to get jammed, no annoying belt loops: these fit as snugly as a second sk

ea.St riding wear - sitting easy in the saddle

Innovation in the saddle, this is what the equestrian sports brand ea.St riding wear, with its centerpiece the REGGINGS® the revolutionary breeches, stands for.
The cuts, function and optics of our breeches and jackets for men and women focus on the sport and are made by riders for riders. This can be seen in the selection of high-quality materials, the functional cuts and extras that help and give support in the saddle and of course look great!

The high demand in design makes this outstanding collection, reaching from breeches to riding vest and show shirts, an eye-catcher.

The entire collection offers everything the rider needs every day in the saddle and stable: from cozy riding socks over the maximum comfortable REGGINGS® to the functional team jacket. Here fashionable highlights, both for the riding men and lady, are available.

ea.St riding leggings for women - simply sit easy in the saddle

What would a rider be without his breeches? In any case, badly dressed. Because in order to sit firmly in the saddle the right equipment is essential. Ea.St breeches impress with their maximum functionality, guaranteed comfort and set the right not only fashionable but also sporty accents in the saddle.
Each ea.St garment stands for the same statement: innovative design with maximum wearing comfort! This does not only convinces riders, but also fashion experts outside the riding arena.

Especially great is the highly elastic and moisture-transporting material of this special riding leggings. The seams are durable and elastic and a body shape contour is incorporated. This makes every rider look good - whether on the horse, in the stable or on the showground. The well-adhering silicone trimming provide good grip for a good fit and posture in the saddle. The soft ankle cuffs ensure the right fit of the pants and without pressing in the boot.

The standard ea.St riding leggings also knows to please: with climate-regulating Aqua-X technology and a cool cut, it's an eye-catcher that fits perfectly, is extremely comfortable and allows plenty freedom of action.
All the ea.St breeches are available in the most beautiful current season colours as well as in white for the show.

They are available in the online riding shop and also at selected retailers.
Children breeches XXS, breeches women size XXS (32) breeches women size XS (32) breeches women size S (34) breeches women size M (36) breeches women size L (38) breeches women size XL (40) breeches size women XXL (42.
In our size chart for breeches you will quickly find the right size for your figure!

Would you like to try out our breeches and REGGINGS® yourself? Here you will find an authorized ea.St shop near you!