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The dressage rider - iron discipline and fascinating elegance

"If dressage riding would be easy, the show jumping grounds would be empty!"

Anyone who sees horses dancing playfully on light hoofs through the dressage square at the tournament often does not know how much hard work stands behind this performance.

The desired lightness shown in the dressage arena is a result of iron discipline, consistent training and a lot of ambition and stamina. This requires great concentration and calm during the training.
For this reason, dressage riders for a long time have had the reputation of serious and unrelaxed riders. But these prejudices should be done away.

Only the outfit and style of the dressage rider, which is characterized by order, cleanliness, elegance and a fashionable style, will in many cases live up to their serious reputation.

The dressage rider has no dirty boots or a non-cleaned bridle. The clothes must be appropriate for spending many hours in the saddle which are often combined to a tight training program. They should be comfortable, functional, resilient and above all elegant.

Dressage riders favour riding clothes in muted tones that bear a subtle elegance and often the clothes also have to be tuned with the horses outfit.

For the stylish dressage look, the ea.St breeches "JUST PROFESSIONAL" in plain black or navy blue equipped with a full silicone trim, fitting perfectly into the dressage saddle, are available. But also the reggings® with their semi-high silicone trimming have already convinced many dressage riders including Grand Prix riders. During the dressage lessons they guarantee good comfort and a good posture in the saddle, without interfering with the horses actions.

Beneath the long dressage boots the matching ea.St socks in black or blue are not only comfortable, but also chic and simple. They complete the dressage rider’s outfit.

Before or after the training, the ea.St Bodywarmer allows you to warm up and is the perfect companion in the dressage stable. Fluffy and warming with an extra high collar he protects the rider from wind and cold and adds a chic style to the outfit.

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