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eaSt Jacket Elastic Pro Performance - navy

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eaSt Jacket Elastic Pro Performance - black eaSt Jacket Elastic Pro Performance - navy

The eaSt Jacket Elastic Pro Performance joins the eaSt System as our elegant 3rd Layer.

This element will not leave fashion lovers indifferent. Minimalistic, cool and super elegant. And we still remain true to our philosophy and this jacket is also a highly functional piece.

Freedom of movement and moisture-wicking function supports our athletes for maximum performance and success during competition. This jacket stands for success and also just looks great.

When riding, it can be easily complemented with an eaSt Shirt Seamless as a 1st Layer (why not wearing it in cool black color at the horse show?!) or in your free time with jeans, sneakers or in the evening with high heels.

This jacket is an all-rounder!


  • 72% nylon
  • 28% spandex


  • Numerous possible combinations using the eaSt System
  • Highly technical and functional
  • Highly elastic material
  • Moisture wicking and breathable
  • Fashionable and timeless
  • Stand-up collar
  • Bonded material
  • YKK zips in chrome


eaSt Jacket Elastic Performance