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eaSt REGGINGS® R1 - steel grey

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The eaSt REGGINGS® R1 is the heart of our collection and has therefore earned its position as the so-called Core Element in our eaSt System.

This is a riding leggings and it wears like a second skin. Function and fashion cannot be better combined. Minimalism and timeless design make the eaSt REGGINGS® R1 a long-term partner.

The eaSt REGGINGS® R1 is our all-rounder and enables you the perfect start into the eaSt World. It can be combined optically and functionally with all of our other products as part of our eaSt System. In addition to standard colours, the eaSt REGGINGS® R1 is frequently available in limited editions with trend colours or designs.

The R1 is perfect during the warm or normal months and can also be used as training pants for the gym or for jogging or hiking. For special weather or colder moments, the upgrade to the R1 Mid Season or R1 Winter is recommended, depending on your individual temperature perception.


  • 85% Nylon
  • 15% Spandex


  • Numerous possible combinations using the eaSt System
  • Highly technical and functional
  • Highly elastic material
  • Moisture wicking and breathable
  • Fashionable and timeless
  • Integrated body-shape contours
  • Semi-silicone grips (maximum comfort)
  • Tight-fitting cuffs on the ankle
  • Very dirt-repellent (e.g. with white hair)
  • Side pocket on both sides (two cell phone pockets)
  • Delivered in a stylish zip bag