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eaSt REGGINGS® R1 Leisure - black

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Why we love it:

The eaSt REGGINGS® R1 Leisure is the cleanest version of our core elements and completely dispenses with grip.

It feels like a second skin and perfectly combines function and fashion in the form of minimalism and timeless design.

Perfect for traveling, relaxing and for various sporting activities such as jogging, yoga or vaulting.

Ideal for use in warm and moderate temperatures.

The leggings can be perfectly combined with all products from our outerwear in accordance with our layering philosophy in terms of fashion and functionality.


85% nylon, 15% elastane

Technical characteristics:

  • Integrated body shape contours
  • Cell phone pocket on both sides
  • Moisture wicking and
  • Breathable material
  • Dirt-repellent
  • Anti-slip tape on the ankle