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The new revolutionary eaSt R2 breeches – the development from the R1 riding leggings for performance riding

With the new eaSt R2 breeches, eaSt is expanding its existing range of performance wear for riders, consisting of the best riding leggings on the market. The R2 represents the logical development on the R1 for even more athletic performance demands, without having to forego comfort and shape. Be it for recreational sports or for real professionals in shows, our athletic and super stylish R2 breeches offer many of the advantages of real professional breeches. Whether you’re in a show or training, you like to sit firmly and comfortably in the saddle, regardless of whether it’s dressage or a Sunday ride? The full-seat or knee-patch eaSt R2 breeches keep you in place, without feeling constricted. We have now innovatively developed the proven concept for R2 breeches to create riding wear that perfectly combines style, functionality and performance.

Choose your favourite model of athletic, elegant breeches for women and men online now and order them directly to your home!

Essential and timeless: Full-seat women’s breeches

Why not just jump onto your horse in your favourite trousers? It’s quite simple: chafing and pressure points are guaranteed, you will slip around in the saddle and won’t enjoy riding. Breeches have a trimming on the inside of the legs and the backside that give them a firm hold and protect them from friction. Our women’s breeches with grip made of durable silicone adhere firmly to the saddle flap without restricting your movement. Thanks to the modern shape, featuring a perfect fit and subtle style elements, even fashion-conscious riders love our new innovative R2 breeches, which enjoy a long tradition as show breeches under the names eaSt R2 Performance Women and eaSt R2 Performance Men. High-quality, moisture-dispersing materials, soft ankle seams that don’t ride up or pinch inside the boots and practical pockets for your mobile phone, etc., ultimately make these breeches a feel-good piece of clothing. The model name ‘R2’ for our women’s breeches says it all!

Cool style and top functionality

The new R2 men’s breeches with knee patches are impressive! Our ‘eaSt R2 Performance Men’ offer laid-back coolness and top functionality, be it for dressage riders or show jumpers. Just like the women’s model, they are made of a highly elastic, stable material, ensuring they fit like a glove and adapt to every movement. The non-slip, seamless silicone grip on the knees makes sure you stay put flexibly in the saddle on cross-country rides, dressage or training, allowing you to master every balancing act. In order for our new R2 line to perform to the best of its abilities, choosing the right size is crucial. Use our sizing table to help you choose the right size before ordering. This ensures that you enjoy maximum freedom of movement with a perfect fit over the long term. By the way, a tight fit does not mean that breeches are always very thin and that you will freeze in colder weather. Our revolutionary REGGINGS®, which are also available as winter breeches, are a great example.

With eaSt, white breeches stay white

In addition to style, comfort and athletic functionality, our R2 breeches models provide guaranteed stability. White breeches in particular, which are washed frequently, often suffer early damage at popular ‘predetermined breaking points’.

Thanks to high-quality workmanship and the best material, eaSt Riding Wear has significantly extended the life of riding breeches – including their silicone grip – making sure you can enjoy your new favourite item for a long time to come. The crucial factor for the robustness of all eaSt R1 or R2 models is the high-quality, durable material, which is dirt-repellent and can even withstand many washes. The right care is essential for this. You can find out how to wash your breeches and which products to use in our FAQs. Choose your new breeches for shows, training or leisure now, order conveniently online and ride them out tomorrow – just shop it!

Where does the name R2 Breeches come from?

At eaSt, the R series basically creates a link to the respective collection and its characteristics. R1 consists of riding leggings, R2 represents even more athleticism and chic style, higher-quality performance materials and caters to increasing performance demands for riders.

To put it briefly: R2 aims to combine chic style and athleticism, while unmistakably belonging to the eaSt brand.

Why will you love the R2 breeches and how are they different from the R1 riding leggings?

The unique, high-quality Italian performance materials ensure maximum elasticity and function and thus raise the athletic quality of the new generation of breeches to the next level.

The R2 breeches give you the usual functionality and comfort and also offer the most elegant design and maximum performance.

Our R2 professional breeches will not only have you looking more athletic and elegant on the horse. With the two model variations Jumping and Dressage, we offer the professional rider or ambitious amateur rider the full selection for their respective discipline.

R2 Performance Dressage and R2 Performance Jumping breeches with knee patch and full seat are technically and visually unique!
Of course, these breeches are also part of our innovative eaSt System and, as a Core Element, can be combined perfectly with all of our other matching layers from the eaSt Layer System.