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  1. eaSt REGGINGS® R1 - midnight blue
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  2. eaSt REGGINGS® R1 Highwaist - midnight blue
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  3. eaSt REGGINGS® R1 Dressage - midnight blue
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    eaSt REGGINGS® R1 Dressage - midnight blue
    As low as $155.00
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  4. eaSt REGGINGS® R1 Leisure - midnight blue
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  5. eaSt REGGINGS® R1 Mid Season - midnight blue
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5 Items

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Revolution in the saddle - the eaSt Reggings®

The revolution in the saddle - riding leggings and designer piece in one - causes a furore in the riding arenas, the stable lane and on show grounds. More and more riders are convinced by the ultimate comfortable breeches, which have no belt loops, buttons or zippers. Pulled on quickly, the reggings® feel like a second skin and thanks to their great fit they offer the rider maximum comfort.
Due to their timeless design and the classic, beautiful color selection, the reggings®, whether winter or summer, can be chosen to match any outfit. The smart side pockets offer safe storage of small items and mobile phones, without bothering while riding.

Maximum flexibility is ensured by the highly elastic, moisture transporting and stretch fabric of the reggings®. The revolution in the saddle combines the comfort of jogging pants, the style of designer pants and the functionality of a high quality riding breeches.

Concept of the reggings®

The breeches revolution was developed and designed by eaSt founder and show jumper Andrea Steinleitner. She was tired of spending several hundred euros on new riding breeches of poor quality, lacking both a good fit and functionality.

With the reggings® she has designed breeches for under one hundred euros that offer everything for riders in the stable and in the saddle: freedom of movement, sporty style, discreet design, good silicone grip (which is still present after several washes) and elastic ankle cuffs. In addition, the side pockets for the cell phone offer a practical solution to have your phone or treat safely stored while riding.

Less is more - the reggings® look makes fashion history

Minimalist in design, well-chosen accents and no unnecessary style elements - who wears a reggings® proves fashion taste and shows style. Instead of large logo imprints, ornate embroidery or glitter ornaments, the reggings ® speaks for itself and makes riders in and out of the saddle look more good. The big advantage of the reggings ® is that she is as comfortable as jogging pants, but does not look like one. This way riders who spend several hours a day in the barn or in the saddle are comfortably dressed without giving up style and fashion. A real revolution and winwin in the riding barns.

Color and size world of the reggings®

The reggings® come in a large color and size range. They are suitable for every taste, every size and every figure. The colors blue, black, driftwood and white as well as many colors of our limited editions are available from the child sizes XXXS to the plus size sizes XXL.

Unbeatable is the price of the reggings®: for 89 euros, the revolutionary breeches spares the rieders wallet and makes you want to select more than one color. With the right reggings® in the wardrobe every rider is well prepared for every occasion and every day, if long or short ,in the stable.

Ordered online, the eaSt reggings® is usually delivered within 2 to 3 days. You can safely and conveniently purchase by credit card, PayPal, prepayment or instant bank transfer (directebanking.com).