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The show jumper - action and colorful poles

"Throw your heart ahead, and your horse will follow!"

Colorful poles, blue moats and high walls: a show jumper has to be brave in the course and has to form a perfect unity with the horse. Success depends on the will of both, horse and rider, to overcome the fences.
Dressage work is crucial for a rhythmic course and a penalty free round: elasticity, rhythm, tact - they are also essential for show jumping!
A versatile training consisting of dressage, gymnastic exercises and parcours riding helps to master unfamiliar obstacles and various stride contracts without any mistakes.

The fast rounds and high jumps often require a lot of courage - from both horse and rider. For this reason, the show rider is always assumed to be the more casual type of rider. True to the motto "life is too short to ride dressage" the show rider rather wears a sporty, cool styled, comfortable outfit, instead of stiff elegant clothes and shiny leather boots.
The breeches must be cool and casual. Also a lot of mobility and resilience is expected of the show jumping equipment.

A good adherence to the saddle is ensured by the silicon grip of the ea.St breeches, especially by the ea.St reggings®. Comfortable as a pair of jogging pants and as cool as designer pants, they are often worn long before the jumping class. With a reggings® the rider, even of the horse, is always perfectly styled.

With the elegant items of the ea.St tops collection the show jumpers outfit is always perfect, no matter how the weather is. The collection embodies a timeless, fashionable and casual style not relying on elaborate style elements.

Matching your cool styled jumping dress the ea.St fly ears and the ea.St Team saddle pad will not only help the fences stay up but also will guarantee a fashionable highlight on the course!

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